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Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid
Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid 1948
IMDb 6.5/10 min
While on vacation in the Caribbean with his wife, a middle-aged man unexpectedly finds, and falls in love with, a mermaid.
Love Exposure
Love Exposure 2008
IMDb 8.1/10 min
A bizarre love triangle forms between a young Catholic upskirt photographer, a misandric girl and a manipulative cultist.
Blue Is the Warmest Color
Blue Is the Warmest Color 2013
IMDb 7.8/10 min
Adèle's life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire and to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adèle grows, seeks herself, loses herself, and ultimately finds herself through love and loss.
Genre: Drama,Romance
The Chase
The Chase 1994
IMDb 5.8/10 min
Escaped convict Jack Hammond takes a woman hostage and sets off for the Mexican border with the police hot on his tail.
Enthiran 2010
IMDb 7.1/10 min
An android constructed by a scientist falls in love with the bride-to-be of his creator.
Ghajini 2008
IMDb 7.3/10 min
A short-term memory loss patient sets out on his journey to avenge the death of his beloved girl.
The Sixth Man
The Sixth Man 1997
IMDb 5.6/10 min
Antoine and Kenny Tyler are NCAA college basketball players, and Antoine is the star of the team. Suddenly...
Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven 1946
IMDb 8.1/10 min
A British wartime aviator who cheats death must argue for his life before a celestial court.
The Quiet Man
The Quiet Man 1952
IMDb 7.9/10 min
A retired American boxer returns to the village of his birth in Ireland, where he finds love.
The Summer of Sangaile
The Summer of Sangaile 2015
IMDb 6.4/10 min
17 years old Sangaile is fascinated by stunt planes. She meets a girl her age at a summer aeronautical show. Sangaile allows Auste to discover her most intimate secret and in the process finds the only person that truly encourages her to fly.
Genre: Drama,Romance
The Thief of Bagdad
The Thief of Bagdad 1924
IMDb 7.9/10 min
A recalcitrant thief vies with a duplicitous Mongol ruler for the hand of a beautiful princess.
Lolita 1962
IMDb 7.6/10 min
A middle-aged college professor becomes infatuated with a fourteen-year-old nymphet.
One Crazy Summer
One Crazy Summer 1986
IMDb 6.4/10 min
An aspiring teenage cartoonist and his friends come to the aid of a singer trying to save her family property from developers.
Kicking and Screaming
Kicking and Screaming 1995
IMDb 7/10 min
After college graduation, Grover's girlfriend Jane tells him she's moving to Prague to study writing...
Kal Ho Naa Ho
Kal Ho Naa Ho 2003
IMDb 8/10 min
Naina, an introverted, perpetually depressed girl's life changes when she meets Aman. But Aman has a secret of his own which changes their lives forever. Embroiled in all this is Rohit, Naina's best friend who conceals his love for her.
Unaccompanied Minors
Unaccompanied Minors 2006
IMDb 5.1/10 min
A group of unaccompanied minors bond while snowed in at the midwestern Hoover International Airport during the holiday season and ultimately create a makeshift holiday themselves.
Christmas Under Wraps
Christmas Under Wraps 2014
IMDb 6.8/10 min
When a doctor doesn't get the position she wanted, she ends up moving to a remote Alaskan town. She unexpectedly ends up finding love, happiness and discovers that the small town is hiding a big holiday secret.
Genre: Drama,Romance
Befikre 2016
IMDb 3.6/10 min
Set in Paris, Befikre is the free-spirited, contemporary love story of Dharam and Shyra, two young people who believe in living life to the fullest.
Joa-haejo 2016
IMDb 6.6/10 min
A notoriously shrewish TV drama writer and a Korean wave star who fight like cats and dogs every time...
Christmas Lodge
Christmas Lodge 2011
IMDb 6.2/10 min
Mary Tobin has wonderful memories of family gatherings at the Christmas Lodge. When she arrives for a weekend vacation...
My Christmas Love
My Christmas Love 2016
IMDb 6.7/10 min
"My Christmas Love" is about a hopeless romantic (Meredith Hagner), who can't ever seem to give a guy a real chance...
Spin Out
Spin Out 2016
IMDb 4.5/10 min
Let Love Take You For A Ride.
Christmas Mail
Christmas Mail 2010
IMDb 5.8/10 min
In this holiday romantic comedy, a mysterious woman who works at the post office answering Santa's mail captures the heart of a disillusioned postal carrier
Baby's First Christmas
Baby's First Christmas 2012
IMDb 5.7/10 min
When a pair of feuding colleagues, Kyle and Jenna are thrown together after their siblings, Jim and Trisha fall in love...
Cover Girl
Cover Girl 1944
IMDb 6.9/10 min
Rusty Parker wins a contest and becomes a celebrated cover girl; this endangers her romance with dancing mentor Danny.
An Accidental Christmas
An Accidental Christmas 2007
IMDb 3.8/10 min
A couple separated for almost a year endure the machinations of their two children trying to effect a reconciliation.
A Firehouse Christmas
A Firehouse Christmas 2016
IMDb 5.7/10 min
Firefighter Jenny falls in love with local star Tom but his ex-wife and celebrity figure skating Mary...
Genre: Drama,Romance
The Secret of Moonacre
The Secret of Moonacre 2008
IMDb 6.2/10 min
When 13 year old Maria Merryweather's father dies, leaving her orphaned and homeless, she is forced...
Hats Off to Christmas!
Hats Off to Christmas! 2013
IMDb 6.1/10 min
Mia (Duff), the loyal and hard-working manager of her small town's Christmas hat shop, is blindsided...
Genre: Drama,Romance
A Christmas to Remember
A Christmas to Remember 2016
IMDb 6.7/10 min
A harsh TV personality needs a break from her own life, so she hops into a car and drives to a small town mountain retreat...
Genre: Romance
The Dust Storm
The Dust Storm 2016
IMDb 5.9/10 min
On a business trip to Nashville, Brennan finds himself reunited with the "Girl" who had previously broken his heart. Now, for one weekend in the city's music scene, a past and present romance will be reborn and challenged.
Mood of the Day
Mood of the Day 2016
IMDb 6.7/10 min
Soo-jeong has been dating with her boyfriend for 10 years, but their relationship isn't going so well...
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